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About The Product

A brilliantly clear, light golden coloured beer with a tight head of white foam. Very smooth and refreshing with a crisp dry finish. Along with Pilsner malt, rice syrup is added in the brewhouse to help lighten the overall flavour and give the beer it’s crisp finish. Lightly hopped with NZ Green Bullet hops for subtle hop flavour and just the right amount of bitterness to balance the flavour of the malted barley.

The technique the team at Steinlager have brewed in is the same as the Japanese use to achieve a “Super-Dry” beer style. In the brewhouse they set the ‘mashing’ temperature and rest times to produce a wort (malt extract) that is more fermentable than normal, this means that in fermentation the yeast can use up more of the malt sugars resulting in a dryer Pilsner-style beer. They also add rice syrup in the brewhouse, which is produced by cooking the rice to release its starches which are then converted into sugars, the yeast use all of this sugar in the fermentation and the end result is a smoother, lighter flavoured and crisp beer. At the end of fermentation the beer is chilled down to -1.5C and is transferred into maturation where settling of remaining yeast, malt proteins and hop material takes place. From here the beer is put through a very high tech cross-flow filter at -1.5C which is basically a final micro filtration resulting in a brilliantly clear and bright beer. 

The Key Flavours

  • Malted Barley
  • Bready notes
Tokyo Dry 500ml Cans
1 x Tokyo Dry 500ml Cans
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